Timisoara university cooperation

The DISC programme is assisting the city of Timisoara in exploring the possibilities to increase the economic and territorial efficiency and impact of the 4 state and several private universities on the urban environment. Just like all Romanian universities, the Timisoara universities are coping with the impact of demographic decline and state budget cuts. Increased cooperation among the universities and the city hall may lead to better conditions for the universities and the students. On 26th and 27th of March, the coordinator of the DISC programme, Joep de Roo,  visited all newly elected (pro) rectors of the Vest, Politechnica, Medical and Agricultural universities as well as two smaller private universities, Tibiscus and Ioan Slavici.  Also a meeting with the city hall was part of the programme. This initiative was started by the chief architect of the city. Without exception all interviewed persons were interested and open to further explore the possibilities for this process.