Eurodite designs, manages and implements projects on regional and European development.

We often act as a catalyst for development by our ability for strategic and creative programming, projectmanagement and know-how of EU policies and funding possibilities.

Eurodite is a network company that works from out of the belief that sustainable transformation of European regions and areas create chances for public and private development.

By turning (re)development objectives into tangible results with impact on real places and people, Eurodite, together with its international partners, supports public, private and non-governmental organisations from local to European scale.

We support in

  • Setting development goals and defining the right strategy

  • Finding the right financial means and funding structures

  • Managing and implementing projects and programmes

Clich here for more information on our regional and European projects:

EU policies & programmes

Involvement in EU programmes on regional development, innovation and culture.

Urban and regional development

Future proofing of policies and practises on culture, heritage, new economy and innovation

Transformation of areas

Transform areas and buildings with local communities and resources

Our services

  • Strategy

    Vision, concepts, scenario’s, plans, assessments, research

  • Finance

    Business case, feasibility, funding opportunities, market research

  • Project and programme management

    Proposal development, daily management, communication

We work on commission base for our clients and participate as partner in European projects.