Metropolitan Area Masterplan for Constanta

On Thursday 29th of March 2012 a workshop was organised by Zona Metropolitana Constanta (ZMC) on the progress of the Integrated Development plan (PIDU) and the outline for a metropolitan area masterplan. A consortium consisting of two DISC members, Eurodite and Roeleveld Sikkes, are assisting the ZMC in the first stage for a Metropolitan Masterplan The vice mayor of Constanta and mayors and representatives of the other thirteen towns and communes of the metropolitan area were present and discussed the problems and opportunities of working with EU funds and the necessity to have an integrated spatial and economic masterplan for the whole metropolitan area of Constanta.

The area of Constanta represents a highly promising economic and territorial growth area because of its strategic location at the black sea with the fourth largest port in Europa, its touristic appeal, its potential for agriculture and food industries as well as renewable energies. A masterplan on metropolitan level will assist the area in setting growth scenarios and priorities. This will assist the area in applying for EU funds and attract investors.