Start EU project: Connected. Things about future, cities and people

On 29 June-2 July the project “Connected. Things about future, cities and people” will start with a kick-off seminar in Bucharest and all 5 partners in the project (Zeppelin-Romania, NUDA-Norway, Archis-The Netherlands, Fargfabriken-Sweden, Eurodite-Romania).

The project investigates the future impact of the new technologies upon the European urbanities. Developing concepts like smart city or smart community, the research seeks to reveal the future social and cultural mutations that tend to better valorize individuals and communities together with their human, creative and entrepreneurial potential.  The project includes an exhibition opened simultaneously in Bergen, Amsterdam, Bucharest and Stockholm. The 4 parallel events will be interconnected through video transmissions. The members of the trans-disciplinary groups involved in the project will keep lectures and debates (on city thinking, futurology, art, architecture, technology, design). A trans-disciplinary documentation on this subject will be produced and dissseminated through a collection of articles published in magazines and dedicated web platform.

Eurodite will contribute as co-organizer in activities related to the project content with its experience in smart cities and interconnection.

The project is supported by the European Culture Programme.