Eurodite in Final seminar for Quest project

On the 5th of September Eurodite, as auditor for the Romanian cities, participated in the

Final Quest seminar in Budapest Hungary.
The final conference discussed the results of the project, shared experiences between cities involved in the project and presented these experiences to external stakeholders interested in sustainable mobility. The European policy framework for sustainable urban mobility was also on the agenda. The final conference handed the QUEST certificates to the QUEST cities in a ceremony, in recognition of their effort not only during the QUEST process, but also in general towards achieving sustainable urban mobility.
The QUEST Final conference offered a unique opportunity to meet once again the cities who have been involved in the project and discuss the results. The discussion groups on challenges for implementation were especially suitable for that.
Among the Romanian cities, only Baia Mare was represented in the meeting, by mrs Mariana Popescu with whom Eurodite collaborated over the duration of the project.
Quest will continue with the Quest academy that will offer training in the Quest method of mobility audit. Some of the Romanian cities have already expressed their interest to participate in the Quest training programme.

20130905_Quest conference 1