We worked with them before: Liesbeth Jansen and Maarten Pedroli from Linkeroever. From now on we will  join forces in area transformation projects. Linkeroever is specialised in transforming areas and buildings. It is a network organisation consisting of people with a broad range of backgrounds and expertise. One of the projects Linkeroever is involved in is the organic development of the Navy Yard in Amsterdam.

Just do it
The most important task we see for Linkeroever is to mutually connect people, ideas and funding, with the aim to catalyze new activities in buildings and areas that are in need. We do this by sharing knowledge and network, making smart plans and mainly just by starting to do. We are convinced that it is due to the energy and the enthusiasm of the first users that makes redevelopment into a success. Our experience in The Netherlands can be a source of ideas for other European regions.

More information at www.linkeroever.nl