Soesterberg Military Airfield sets Cultural Targets

Soesterberg Utrecht Eurodite Linkeroever
Soesterberg Utrecht

Soesterberg is a former military airfield, currently owned by the Province of Utrecht.

For the Province of Utrecht we investigated and calculated the exploitation possibilities on the base of cultural activities, along with practical recommendations for future cultural use or sale of the area. The province would like to give cultural activities a central place in the future destination of Soesterberg, while safeguarding its natural quality.

The former military airfield of Soesterberg is an oasis of quietness and peace, located centrally in The Netherlands. During the cold war this base was used by the American army as an important node in their air-defense strategy. Former airplane shelters where F15’s were hidden are witnesses of this recent history. The new Dutch National Military Museum opened its doors in 2014.

Completed with Linkeroever in September 2015

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Utrecht – The Netherlands
Province of Utrecht