QUEST – EU project sustainable urban mobility


QUEST is an EU funded project with 19 partners from 12 different countries. The project develops an audit tool that evaluates a city’s urban mobility policies. The aim of the audit is to support cities in their efforts of developing more sustainable urban mobility systems. Based on the results of the audit a tailor made improvement program is recommended to each city. The focus of the improvement program is directly linked to the present state of urban mobility policies. Cities that have completed a QUEST audit receive a certificate which recognizes their efforts in sustainable urban mobility planning.

More than 50 cities from all over Europe are involved in QUEST, demonstrating that there is much demand for advice on urban mobility planning.
Eurodite is participating with the Romanian branch and will conduct the audits in Cluj, Galati, Baia Mare and Satu Mare.

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Cluj, Galati, Baila-Mare, Satu-Mare – Romania
European funded project by Intelligent Energy Europe programme