Improving land management in Romania

Land management

The overall objective of this Dutch-Romanian government cooperation project is to elaborate methodologies for improvement of the land administration situation, land consolidation and better land use, as well as reduction of fragmentation and at the same time enlargement of the farms. Concentration of “parcelas” will improve the production of the land and the registration of ownership will give more certainty for the future. This will encourage investments in agriculture and will stimulate the rural development.

Romania has large areas of fertile land and a good climate for agricultural production. A major obstacle for long term investment in agriculture is the scattered ownership structure of agricultural land. Over 4 million farmers own land with an average of less than one hectare each. Improving Romania’s agricultural production by improving the use, registration and consolidation of land can lead to an extra production worth at least 1,7 billion euro per year.

Eurodite is involved in this project for communication with the local farmers. In cooperation with the project partners, a communication strategy has been developed.

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Bucharest, Jirlau, Braila county – Romania
Dutch Cadastre, DLG / The Romanian Cadastre, local farmers
Strategy, communication