Flood plain restoration along the Danube

Flood plain Restoration Danube

In 2010 Witteveen+Bos, HKV and Eurodite submitted an application for Dutch subsidy for a project to support the Romanian government in redevelopment of flood plains and wetlands. The main goal was to exploit the knowledge and experience in the Netherlands with handling complicated issues along rivers that are related with floods, environment, agriculture and spatial planning.

These issues in the Netherlands contain many similar features as the issues that Romania is facing along the Danube River. As such, this Dutch approach may be applicable in the Romanian context and may help to increase the chance for EU funding of specific redevelopment projects of flood plains and wetlands along the Danube River.

The projects had 3 components:

  1. Decision making procedure that supports in implementation of floodplain and wetland redevelopment projects. This implies conducting an institutional assessment, legal and regulatory framework and an assessment of relevant policies
  2. Plan development according to the procedure in two pilot areas: Baseline studies, hydraulic system and flood mechanisms, spatial planning, land use and infrastructure, assessment eco-system, stakeholder’s involvement.
  3. Preparation of funding – follow up of the pilots: scan of the feasibilities for EU finance; taskforce preparation of fund application; support in definition of follow up project and technical assistance.

Eurodite was involved in the project as local area manager, fund expertise, and local communication support

Location, country:
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Type of services

Dolj County – Romania
Dutch Partners for Water Programme / Romanian Ministry of Environment and Forests, National Administration Romanian Waters (ANAR)
Strategy, Funding, Management, Communication
Witteveen+Bos, HKV