Multi-level capacity building flood management

This Dutch – Romanian partners for water project focused on training a group of scientists, engineers and policy makers in the implementation of the EU Flood Directive and the development of flood risk maps. Due to a lack of capacity on local level, the implementation of the EU flood directive is problematic in Romania. In cooperation with Romanian partners, flood hazard maps and flood risk maps (step 2 of EU FD) were generated.  Eurodite was involved in the project as expert on EU funding mechanisms for capacity building and international cooperation. Also we provided project support and back-office facilities from our Bucharest office.

Location, country:         Bucharest – Romania
Client / Beneficiary:      Dutch Partners for Water Programme / The National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA)
Period:                                    2011 – 2012
Type of services              Funding, Management
Partners                                HKV, SWO, Bucharest Technical University